Safety in Pakistan is still questionable for PSL Final, FICA stated

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations which is simply known as FICA has released a report where they strongly suggests that overseas players should avoid to visit Pakistan for upcoming PSL 2017 final due to security reason. In their report, they present that their security level is still warning position and the safety to visit their is not guaranteed.

Earlier yesterday, PCB chairman Najam Sethi expressed that second version of Pakistan Super League or PSL 2 final will be staged in Lahore and PCB is preparing to make it amazing. Besides, he also stated that if any foreign players will reject their call to come to Pakistan, then PCB will replace them with local players for the final and in that case they are ready to make another player draft in next February, 2017.

PSL final

Though, the organizers of the tournament has made things clear that the final will be placed in Lahore whether the foreign players will participate or not. But, after releasing the FICA report, it would reduce the chances of the foreign players participating. However, FICA has not possessed the ability to control the overseas players but they can just warn them.And more importantly, they can able to convince some national boards and would probably make them to maintain their players which would prevent them to travel Pakistan.

According to the FICA reports, they stated that they have received the security update from PCB but they yet to be satisfied where their experts security consultants warns that they have observed continuous terrorists attack in Pakistan though it is not the significant rate but situation is still fluctuate. So, their experts advice along with FICA, every players should reconsider to travel there.

Every cricket playing nations is preventing to visit Pakistan since 2009 when a terrorists attack was happened to the Sri Lankan team buses. Almost six years later, in 2015 Zimbabwe traveled there and played a short series safely. Now, PCB is working on to bring international cricket to their ground and ensure to do so, they will have to arrange a tournament safely in their ground and through this they can prove that Pakistan is completely safe for travel. In the meantime, they have invited West Indies to come to their ground to play a T20 series consists of two maters but Windies yet to make any final answer. So, they want to arrange just one PSL 2017 match in their home ground and they have selected the final match and the venue will be the Lahore. But FICA has opposed the decision.