Pakistan should focus on PSL instead of series against India advised by Inzamam

Pakistan cricket board is ready to arrange the Pakistan Super League and hopefully it will start at 4 February 2016. Before that Pakistan cricket team has a tournament against India at Dubai. Pakistan cricket board is busy to arrange this tournament at Dubai.

But the former captain and the coach of Afghanistan Inzamam Ul Haq said “ This time Pakistan cricket board needs to concentrate in the Pakistan Super League (PSL)


He also said “ Here is not any doubt to Pakistan and India need to play against each other but recent situation of Pakistan here is not come any team willingly”. This is the factor Indians turning them down he think.

He added “ Right now we have to be honest we have to bear the injustice and unreasonable demand for play in Pakistan. I think board can arrange many professional tournament like PSL even they invite the small team at home. Then at least cricket will start in Pakistan.

Inzamam Ul Haq is now working in Afghanistan and he is the coach of Afghanistan cricket team. He also plays 378 ODI and 120 test match. Guys stay with us for more cricket news.